The Decision Tree

Streaming allows us to decide when and what to watch. But, for families, there’s another decision: who to watch with—be it spouses, partners, kids, parents, siblings, or sometimes just themselves.

This more complicated ‘tree’ of viewing experiences adds an added layer of decision-making, creative compromises, shared experiences, balancing acts, and more.


Branching Out: Three Questions Guiding Family Streaming Decisions


Should I Co-Viewor Watch Alone?


Of families report spending 47% of their streaming time with family and 41% alone.

It means so much more when you stream with others. Whether you’re connecting, learning something new together, or simply spending an hour or two sitting side by side, there’s a deeper meaning to it.

– Veeva, 22, Portland, ME


What Should We Watch?


The number one benefit of streaming according to families, is “more choice.”


How Much Should I Watch?

1 in 3

Families share that it’s hard to know the right amount of screen time.

Source: Culture Co-op and Disney Advertising, April 2023

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