Streamin' it New School

From DIY home hacks to learning about culturally impactful moments in time, streaming has become an accessible form of comprehensive knowledge-sharing,and families are taking full advantage.

Meet the new school of learning, where families turnto streaming to both educate, and entertain.

Families are leaning into contentthat “teaches”


named “educational content” and “cultural stories and documentaries” as the top typesof content they like to stream

There are many times where a topic comesup during dinner and my kids and I will stream content to learn more about it.

— David, 42, Portland, OR

Content that builds multicultural literacyis valued by families

say they like content that representsor showcases diverse racesand ethnicities
say diversity and representationis the top benefitof streaming content for their family

Source: Culture Co-op and Disney Advertising, April 2023

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