December 21, 2023

Stream Forward with Advertising on Disney+


Disney Advertising


On December 8th, 2022, Disney+ opened its doors to advertisers, unlocking a new way for brands and audiences to connect with Disney’s unrivaled storytelling and iconic franchises. Today, Disney+ reaches 5.2MM ad-supported subscribers, paired with a suite of enhanced advertising capabilities, and underpinned by Disney’s 15-year leadership in ad-supported streaming.

As we continue to elevate the streaming landscape with advertising on Disney+, let’s look back and stream forward to some of the biggest highlights surrounding Disney+ in 2023.

What We’ve Learned:
Exploring the Disney+ Audience

From library classics to franchise hits, new Originals and more, Disney+ has something for everyone. In 2023, the top four most streamed movies among Adults 18+ were on Disney+.

The adult Disney+ audience is versatile, cordless, and they enjoy streaming together.

Disney+ Audience Snapshot
(among ad-supported and ad-free subscribers)

family watching television, laughing, smiling


Median Age

Disney+ logo


Adults 18-49

For Adult Audiences 18+


Average HHI





Disney+ Content Performance Wins in 2023

Subscribers leaned into new Originals, Movies and Live Sports


14MM Views

For First

#2 Most

Premiereand Finale 

Most Viewed

Movie Premiere of 2023


Live Event 

Based on peak concurrency

When Disney+ subscribers stream new content, they find more to watch, and in turn, spend more time on the platform. In fact, we’ve seen a 35% increase in engagement from March – September 2023. Over the last year, this has opened more inventory and opportunities for advertisers to tap into this engaged audience.

Franchise Releases Drive Audience Engagement
and Ad Inventory

Supply Chart

We surveyed Disney+ viewers* to understand their perceptions of ads on Disney+ and how they affect their streaming experience. Results showed that Disney+ viewers feel positively about ads. In fact…

89% of Disney+ viewers are willing to watch ads for a show they like

Hulu on Disney+: Better Together
Now in Beta

With the addition of Hulu on Disney+, advertisers can unlock even more premium content at scale. According to a recent study by Ampere:

Read more about the Hulu on Disney+ beta launch in this recent interview with Joe Earley, Disney Entertainment’s President of Direct-to-Consumer.

What We’ve Launched:
Expanded Capabilities with Advertisers in Mind

We are focused on the future of Disney+, ensuring that it reflects a positive experience for audiences and advertisers alike. As of October 2023, 54% of new subscribers chose the ad-supported tier.  

Here are new ways advertisers can unlock the magic of Disney+ today: 

Biddable Inventory

Providing more choice and control for your buys

Enhanced Audience Opportunities

Demo, Geo, Disney Select and Advertiser Data via  Disney Clean Room

New Solutions

Content-driven sponsorship opportunities to drive brand impact

What’s Next for the Disney+ Ad Tier:
Full Stream Ahead

At Disney, we are continuously building and creating more opportunities for advertisers to connect with our passionate audience on Disney+. As we look forward to 2024, advertisers can expect to see:   

Enhanced Measurement and Advertising Capabilities  

  • Additional Attribution and Brand Effectiveness Solutions
  • Disney+ inventory coming to Disney’s Self-Service offering in 2024

Actionable Audience Insights Powered by Generation Stream 

  • In the third wave of this proprietary study, Generation Stream: Family Edition, explores the intersection of streaming and family dynamics, and how advertisers can integrate into this shared experience—addressable audience segments coming soon!

Expanded Storytelling Opportunities for Your Brand 

  • Disney+ AVOD expanding globally through 2024 
  • Hulu content available on Disney+ for Disney Bundle subscribers (now in beta, full launch this March 2024)  
  • New franchise hits to connect with all kinds of streamers

Percy Jackson poster

Now Streaming

Marvel's Echo poster

January 9

Coming in 2024

On January 10th, 2024, we will share more updates surrounding the Disney+ ad tier and beyond, at our fourth annual Tech and Data Showcase, live from CES in Las Vegas. Reach out to your Disney Advertising representative to learn more.

Let's Stream Forward Together.

Note: Ad-supported and ad-free data included in this report.
Disney+ Ad-Supported Subs: Disney Internal Data, as of November 2023
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