June 28, 2022

Back-to-School Shopping

Back-to-school shopping is a shared bonding experience.


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New clothes, new kicks, and a new lunch kit. What’s better than starting off the school year by learning in style with fresh supplies? Back-to-school shopping is an honored tradition for parents, caretakers, teachers and students as they prepare for a successful school year. Whether clicking “Add to Cart” or browsing the aisles in-store, back-to-school shopping is the perfect way to refresh for the new school year!

The Fall 2022 school year is fast approaching, making this the perfect time to see how Disney parents* and their children are gearing up for back-to-school by understanding where they are shopping, what they will be buying, and what influences their purchases.

Back-to-School Ads Inspire Purchases

Back-to-school ads are the perfect way to reach Disney parents. In fact, three-in-four Disney parents said they are favorable toward back-to-school advertisements. These ads help them find deals and learn about the latest school supplies and gadgets for their children. Disney parents also mentioned that brands featuring back-to-school related ads are helpful (43%), family-friendly (39%), and provide a sense of what’s relevant (34%).

Back-to-school ads lead Disney parents to…

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Research a
Product / Service
0 %
Visit Brand or
Company Website
0 %
Product / Service

Back-to-School Shopping is a Family Tradition

Shiny colorful folders, freshly sharpened pencils, and the smell of new notebooks are all signs of a new year for students. This year, 94% of Disney parents plan on going back-to-school shopping with their children. Parents look forward to bonding with their children, and students get excited about showing off their personality through their purchases.

Back-to-School Shopping Perceptions

(T2B Agreement)
0 %
I view it as a time to bond with my child(ren)
0 %
Buying the right items is crucial for my child’s success
0 %
I let my child(ren) choose most items

Shoppers are Pragmatic and Value-Conscious

Most back-to-school shopping plans are set for midsummer, around July and Early August. This year, 95% of Disney parents plan to spend more or the same amount on back-to-school shopping needs as compared to previous years.

As parents stock up on school essentials, they’re also looking to take advantage of savings. Back-to-school shoppers are looking for the best deals, and the vast majority plan to scope out sales to make the most of their purchases. Popular, early-season sale events are big draws for shoppers looking to save.

Back-to-School Shopping Tactics

(T2B Agreement)
0 %
I take advantage of sales events to buy most of my items
0 %
I try to minimize the number of shopping trips/orders needed by shopping on sales events
0 %
Convenience and price are important when shopping for items on back-to-school lists

Convenience is Key

While in-store shopping is the primary way Disney parents plan to shop, many will shop online too. They’re planning on visiting a range of retailers and specialty stores like Target, Amazon and Walmart for their back-to-school shopping needs.

One thing that all shoppers have in mind is convenience. Back-to-school shoppers not only measure value in terms of money, but also time saved. According to research, as consumers seek convenience, they are increasingly looking for one-and-done shopping trips, especially for essentials on back to school lists.

They’re Eager to Update Wardrobes & School Supplies

It’s no surprise that students are excited to update their apparel and supplies. As they head back into the classroom, new school supplies like notebooks, pens and pencils, and backpacks are a must.

Disney parents and their kids are also excited to update their wardrobes with new sneakers and running shoes, tops and sweaters, jeans and trousers, and sports apparel.


I am actively going to shop for new clothes for my child


I am excited to buy new clothes/accessories/shoes for my child

Staying up-to-date with the latest tech products is also important, and Disney parents plan on buying their children new headphones, computers, and computer accessories before the school year starts.

Students aren’t the only ones in need of a refresh. In fact, Disney parents are also planning on buying a variety of personal care items, like hair care and skin care, and household goods to prepare for the school year.

Planned Back-to-School CPG Purchases

(Food and Beverage)

0 %
Fresh produce
0 %
Grains & Cereals
0 %
Dairy Products
0 %
Bottled Water
0 %
Fresh Meat
0 %
Prepared Dry Food
0 %
Frozen Food
0 %
Sports Drinks

Gear Up for Back-to-School

In summary, back-to-school shopping is a big and exciting event for both parents and students!
  • Back-to-school shopping is a social and bonding experience.
  • New wardrobes, school supplies, and updated tech products are being added to students’ shopping lists, while Disney parents are stocking up on food and drinks for the house for the Fall 2022 school year.
  • Back-to-school shoppers are looking to save on money and time when going shopping.
  • Disney parents are leaning into back-to-school ads to find the latest gadgets and deals, and are taking action after seeing these ads.

*Source: Disney Dialogue, Back-to-School, May, 2022
Source: Kantar Profiles/Mintel, November, 2021