July 25, 2022

Celebrating the 2022 Holidays

How Disney viewers are gearing up for a season of gifting.


Disney Advertising

The holiday season is a long-awaited time to unwind with family and friends, enjoy tasty treats and pick out special gifts. Consumers are eager to resume a sense of normalcy around the holidays and partake in family traditions. With that in mind, Disney Advertising sought to explore ways Disney viewers* plan to celebrate the holidays this year, specifically the time between Thanksgiving and the New Year. We also wanted to get a clearer picture of what holiday shopping will look like and the impact of advertisements on viewers’ shopping choices.

Here’s a closer look at what we learned:

Advertisements Bring Inspiration

The holidays and shopping sprees typically go hand in hand. With dozens of gift options at the tip of our fingers, Disney viewers are leaning into ads to help inspire their purchases. Over three-in-four Disney viewers mentioned that they are favorable toward holiday ads. Even more, 84% have positive opinions of brands creating holiday ads. These ads lead them to do research about a product or service seen in an ad (73%), guide them to visit a brand or company website to learn more information (68%) and help them find the best deals (32%).

They are also open to suggestions for gifts from family and friends, and often lean into holiday catalogs, deal days, word-of-mouth, and in-store ad displays when it comes to gifting inspiration.

Disney Viewers are Prepared Holiday Shoppers

What type of holiday shopper are you? When Disney viewers were asked this question, nearly half said they are “Right-on-Schedule Shoppers” meaning they are not ahead of schedule but also not last minute shoppers, and 43% of Disney viewers identified as “Advanced Shoppers” who get their holiday shopping done ahead of time.

In either case, Disney viewers are definitely prepared holiday shoppers. It’s no surprise that with supply chain issues and inflation concerns, Disney viewers are planning to be value-conscious and shop early. Over half plan to shop earlier than normal this year. The majority plan to spend upwards of $500 on holiday gifts.

Omnichannel Shopping is Key

With plans to make purchases for a range of people – and even their pets – Disney viewers will be shopping at a number of retailers and specialty stores. When it comes to purchasing gifts, 67% are planning to do a mix of in-store and online shopping to get what they need.

While they plan to purchase a variety of items, top gift purchases include:
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Gift Cards or Gift Certificates
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Games, Toys and Dolls
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Food & Liquor
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Computers & Video Games

Gathering with Family and Friends

Viewers are optimistic that the 2022 holidays will resume with even more normalcy than last year. And they’re looking forward to sharing this time with the ones they love. 77% of Disney viewers are planning to gather in-person with family and friends to enjoy the holiday season together.

Our viewers are looking forward to continuing special family traditions and shared some of their most cherished moments with us:

“We spend time with family on Christmas Day, with food, gifts, and games. We usually have an Italian style dinner with chicken parmigiana, baked ziti, as well as a traditional feast with a ham.”

“We bake holiday cookies and gingerbread houses. We celebrate with lots of meals and laughs with loved ones at a variety of houses and restaurants, while playing games, watching movies and having festive drinks!”

“We spend time with our kids and grandparents. Lots of yummy homemade food. We watch classic movies, drink cocoa, and go to light displays.”

Cozying Up with Holiday Content

Co-viewing holiday TV shows and movies is a favorite! Disney viewers shared that their holiday content watch partner is typically a significant other (76%), children (65%), friends (36%), or parents (34%). December is surely a special time for people to come together to watch this holiday content. In fact, we found that December 31 was the most watched day on ABC last year thanks to New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. December is also Freeform’s most watched month with 25 Days of Christmas programming, and Christmas Eve was the most watched day of 2021 on the network. 

On Hulu specifically, top genres to watch around the holidays, based on time watched, are Dramas, Comedies, Adult Animation and Kids. When looking at the most popular holiday titles from last year we found that the movies Happiest Season, The Holiday, Jingle All the Way, No Sleep ‘Til Christmas, and Christmas Cupid rose to the top!

Inspire Holiday Shoppers this Season

The holidays are a great time for both consumers and advertisers. Disney viewers are eagerly anticipating the holiday season, excited to tune into their favorite holiday movies and plan to celebrate alongside friends and family. Even more, they’re open to holiday gift inspiration from advertisements as they start building their holiday shopping lists.

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