June 7, 2022

Father's Day
Celebrating & Gifting

How Disney Viewers Find Inspiration For the Perfect Gifts


Disney Advertising

Our favorite opportunity to show the father figures in our lives extra love and appreciation is soon approaching. Father’s Day is Sunday, June 19.

Ahead of the holiday, we set out to understand how Disney viewers* plan to celebrate their dads and how brands can best connect with them during this special time.

Disney Viewers Find Inspiration from Advertising

Advertisements help guide Disney viewers’ Father’s Day shopping and provide inspiration. In fact, 84% agree that ads help them learn about new products and services for gifts. Furthermore, 79% are favorable towards ads for Father’s Day related products/services, proving that viewers enjoy seeing ads for Father’s Day.

We learned that Disney viewers are taking action after seeing Father’s Day ads. After seeing a Father’s Day advertisement, they’re more likely to:

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Talk About
Products or Services
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Purchase A Gift

When it comes to gift-giving, 82% share that having a discount or promotional offering makes them more likely to purchase Father’s Day items.

Disney Viewers Put a Lot of Thought Into Gifts & Gestures

This year, Disney viewers plan to shower their fathers with gifts – and choosing the perfect gift takes time and effort, with 67% of viewers saying that they put a lot of thought into their Father’s Day gifts.

We found that 87% plan to spend the same amount or more money on gifts this year. Top Father’s Day spend categories include food, technology and entertainment (e.g. concerts and movie tickets). One Disney viewer shared a favorite Father’s Day gifting experience: “My favorite was when my brother and I bought my dad an electric guitar that he wanted for a long time!”

In addition to gifts, dads appreciate thoughtful gestures like breakfast in bed or homemade gifts and cards. One Disney viewer shared: “My favorite Father’s Day celebration was when my daughter made me a cake and a homemade card. This memory was special because it was authentic and it was a heartfelt moment.”

Father’s Day is About Spending Time Together

Nearly all Disney viewers (98%) agree that they enjoy spending time with family on Father’s Day. More specifically, they plan to spend the upcoming holiday with their spouses (78%) and their children (69%).

What will they be doing to celebrate? 64% shared that they’ll spend the day at home, while 46% plan to go out! Some of their time at home involves watching TV as a family. During Father’s Day weekend in 2021, top content genres included sporting events, comedy and game shows. Specifically, we found that 188K men co-viewing with families watched ABC’s America’s Funniest Home Videos during that same weekend last year. That’s a lot of shared laughs!

We asked Disney viewers to share some of their favorite Father’s Day memories from past years:

“I had my family [over] including my granddaughters. We played outside and had some great food that me and my son-in-law cooked for the family. We had dessert and talked. It was overall a great time.

“[We had] a big family cookout, with my seven siblings, their spouses/partners, grand & great grandkids. My dad & brothers grilled!”

Took my husband on a cruise. On board the kids club had the kids make little gifts for him. Had my daughter go to the boutique to get fancy and afterwards I had her & her dad do a tea party on the balcony.”

Advertiser Takeaways

  • Ads are important! Disney viewers put a lot of thought into Father’s Day and they look to ads for inspiration.
  • Shared experiences and gifting play a big role on Father’s Day.
  • There’s benefit in featuring promotional offerings and discounts for Father’s Day related advertisements.

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