May 24, 2022

Let’s All Go to the Pantry

How Hulu’s New Ad Experience Is Winning Over Audiences & Advertisers


Disney Advertising

Disney continues to lead the way with viewer-first advertising experiences. After Hulu pioneered new ad formats such as Pause and Binge, the streaming platform is now debuting a new ad experience called Let’s All Go To The Pantry. Tying commerce opportunities to film in a fun and non-disruptive way, Let’s All Go To The Pantry harkens back to the animated short, Let’s All Go To The Lobby, by reminding viewers to grab a few refreshments for their upcoming show.

The reviews are in and viewers are raving about the new format! Here’s a look at what Hulu viewers shared in a custom survey about their movie-viewing habits and their thoughts on Let’s All Go To The Pantry.

Movies Matter

Hulu viewers regularly tune into movies. 96% shared that they watch movies at least once a month, while 37% of Hulu viewers say they tune into movies at least once a week.

Even more, watching films is a Primetime event for Hulu viewers. Compared to all content on Hulu, films are more likely to be viewed between 6pm and 12am, peaking at 9pm.

A Theater Experience From the Couch

Let’s All Go To The Pantry brought the movie theater to living rooms by tapping into relevancy and nostalgia. Viewers felt connected to the traditional theater experience without sacrificing the convenience of watching from home.

Rave Reviews

Hulu viewers consider the ad experience fun (83%), unique (77%), enjoyable (77%) and creative (76%). And while it was well received across various ages, we found that the ad experience resonated strongest with Hulu viewers between the ages of 18-34. It’s great to see that a nostalgic spot can have an especially strong impact on younger viewers.

The music was also a hit! 78% of Hulu viewers found the music to be catchy. One viewer shared: “The jingle was familiar and made me keep focused on the ad.”

Preferred Over A Standard Ad Break

For the first time, Hulu’s also bringing new ad opportunities to film, without disrupting the viewer’s storytelling journey. 72% of Hulu viewers prefer Let’s All Go To The Pantry over a standard :60s ad break, finding it to be more fun (42%), creative (39%) and attention grabbing (36%). Hulu is setting a new bar for creative to conversion, and going well-beyond the traditional ad break.

prefer the Let's All Go To The Pantry ad experience over a standard ad break of the same length

It’s a Win for the Advertiser

Let’s All Go To The Pantry integrates products organically into the movie watching experience, delivering on key performance indicators for advertisers. The CPG brand included in this study, received high ratings across several ad effectiveness metrics.

Brand Effectiveness Metrics

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Brand Awareness
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Purchase Intent

Connect with Disney Advertising

Let’s All Go To The Pantry is a hit! Not only did viewers feel transported to the movie theater experience, but the associated brand saw strong results across key metrics. Now that’s a win-win.

To learn more about Let’s All Go To The Pantry advertising opportunities, reach out to your Disney Advertising sales representative. 

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