June 22, 2022

Tuning In For Entertainment Event Specials

Why Disney Viewers Are Watching this ‘Special’ Content


Disney Advertising

With TV and streaming at the tip of our fingers, people are able to access a wide variety of content and event specials at the click of a button. Entertainment event specials, both streamed and televised, capture the attention of audiences across cultures and generations. Not only are viewers able to celebrate the accomplishments of diverse talent, but they are also able to tune into these specials alongside family and friends, truly making it a ‘special’ event.

With the excitement of upcoming entertainment specials like the CMA Fest, the CMA Awards and the AMAs, we saw the perfect opportunity to better understand how Disney viewers* watch these events and what their viewing experience looks like.

It’s a Win for Advertisers and Brands Alike

Ads that air during entertainment specials are appreciated by viewers and are considered informative. Two-thirds of Disney viewers are favorable toward ads and brands featured during entertainment specials.

When it comes to entertainment specials, they appreciate when ads and brands…
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align to the content
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feel integrated into the content
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partner with or sponsor an entertainment special

Even more, seeing ads during entertainment specials lead Disney viewers to take action. They have looked online for information, visited brand websites, and even talked to friends/family about the ads.

Entertainment Specials are Highly Anticipated

Streamed and televised entertainment specials play a big role in Disney viewers’ screen time, and they want access to this type of content. In fact, 61% of Disney viewers feel it is important to have access to televised event specials. They watch both entertainment and music specials, and express high interest in popular entertainment specials like the CMA Awards, AMAs and New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.

67% of Disney viewers consider content specials to be ‘entertaining’ and tune into these specials for a wide range of reasons. When it comes to entertainment specials, viewers are most interested in tuning in to see their favorite artists (60%), seek out specific talent (45%), and check out the fashion (30%). Similarly, music event specials capture the audience’s attention because they enjoy seeing talented musicians, hearing old favorites as well as discovering new music and talent.

A Family-Friendly Experience

Entertainment specials are often a shared, live viewing experience. Over half (54%) of viewers find it important to have access to entertainment specials on The Walt Disney Company (TWDC) networks. They agree that entertainment events featured on TWDC are family friendly (82%), showcase cultural inclusion (77%), and bring empowerment to content creators (71%).

Viewers tune into these specials alongside significant others, family, friends, and sometimes watch alone for some ‘me time’. In any case, they transform their viewing experience into an event full of tasty treats and drinks to be enjoyed by all.

Disney viewers shared a closer look at what their viewing experience is like:

We have a viewing party at home with a spread of finger foods, wine and sparkling ciders, and desserts. Someone is typically on Twitter and we are rooting for our favorites to win.”

I follow it on social media. I watch it at home with family or at a friend’s, while having appetizers and drinks. I like to think about how far the industry has come.”

Entertainment Events Feel ‘Special’

Entertainment specials give viewers a chance to participate in and watch diverse talent on a global scale. To them, entertainment event specials showcase the talents of people with different cultural backgrounds (34%), reach audiences around the world (24%), and serve as a social event (22%).

Music and entertainment events feel ‘special’ because they celebrate various artists’ accomplishments. Even more, the content feels exclusive because these specials happen at select times throughout the year.

Viewers Shared:

“It’s a time for celebrating all the success and accomplishments in the industry. Entertainment events are unique because they’re only at special times of the year. And, they’re different because it’s about the industry as a whole and recognizes people for their work.”

“It’s content that is new or cannot be accessed anywhere else at the time. Including new episodes, music or an exclusive performance.”

Connect Your Brand with Impactful Entertainment Specials

Entertainment specials are a hit among Disney viewers! Not only do these events allow viewers to witness diverse talent and new artists, but these content series create an exclusive opportunity for viewers to celebrate the accomplishments of artists alongside family and friends. Ads and brands featured during entertainment specials also stand out during these events. They are appreciated by viewers and lead people to take action.

To learn more about advertising opportunities during entertainment event specials, reach out to your Disney Advertising sales representative.

*Source: Disney Dialogue, Entertainment Event Specials, April 2022