Volume 1

A foundational study to understand the viewers reshaping how we watch TV.

Unpacking the Streaming Experience

Shaping what the world will watch next, Generation Stream crosses all corners of culture, spans generations, and sets the bar high for the evolution of TV and film.

But not all streaming experiences are alike, as different experiences appeal to different demographics, psychographics, and moods of the viewer.

I think there’s going to be a lot more experimentation with the types of content. We’re no longer locked into an hour or a half hour, a comedy or a drama.
—Julie DeTraglia, Head of Research & Insights at Hulu
Generation Stream is creating new “networks” of television—constellations of fandom that reflect personalities and tap into a deep need for human bonding. It’s about more than just watching a show; it’s the community bonds, personal connections, and conversations that extend the TV viewing experience.
People don’t want to watch things by themselves. It’s not how human beings are wired.
—Jonathan Miranda, Emerging Strategy Principal at Salesforce and content futurist

Stream of Consciousness

Streaming is a self-exploration process for Gen Zs who use content to help define who they are and what they stand for. Zs see themselves in the complexities of characters’ identities, push for cultural connectedness, and seek content that deepens their niche interests.

My generation is not a fan of being told how to live.
—Deb, 25, Dallas, TX​

Moods, serendipity, and good old-fashioned browsing are making a comeback among a generation of streamers relying more on their emotional compass to carve their entertainment path.

Bingeing is the #1 way 13-to-54-year-olds say their TV viewing experience has changed. Content is no longer confined to timetables or traditional genres; there is more to explore, watch, and indulge in than ever before. See how binge behavior continues to revolutionize the industry.
[Streaming] platforms are able to create and greenlight shows that are creative, smart, beautiful, and interesting.
—Nikol, 30, Brooklyn, NY