Family Streaming 360

Through a segmentation we uncovered four family viewing segments that unpack the common threads of why families stream—and what these streaming experiences uniquely fulfill for them.


Viewers who prioritize their quality of life, quality time, in addition to their health and wellness. They’re also more likely to stream educational content with the hopes of learning something new.
(See Streamin’ It New School Trend)


This audience looks to connect with communities and diverse cultures. They value content that fuels meaningful discussion and are most likely to watch programs within a family construct.
(See Connect Four Trend)


This younger demographic, often times couples, see their favorite streaming shows as a form of escape, tuning in to nostalgic film or series content that lets them live vicariously.
(See The Decision Tree & TV Together Trend)


Classic content viewers who like to kick back, relax and watch reality TV or sports. They’re also most likely to prefer ritual viewing with their family.
(See TV Together Trend)

These Generation Stream family audience segments are available via Disney Select.

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Source: Culture Co-op and Disney Advertising, April 2023

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