Sharing the Love – Gifting and Getting 

Most Disney viewers (85%) feel that Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to show someone how much you care about them. When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts, Disney viewers agree: 

Cozying Up at Home 

While traditionally Valentine’s Day is synonymous with cocktail attire and a fancy dinner, we’re finding that Disney viewers, whether coupled up or single, prefer to stay in and watch TV and movies on this holiday. 

Staying In

Disney viewers would rather stay in and watch TV/movies (72%) than go out (28%) on Valentine’s Day. 

Watching TV

84% of Disney viewers agree that they like spending time watching TV on Valentine’s Day. 

Bringing People Together 

Not only are people celebrating Valentine’s Day at home, but they’re tuning in together during the whole month of February. We found that 39% of Disney’s network viewers co-viewed last February. Interestingly, we also saw that the co-view percentage on Disney’s networks were higher than WarnerMedia (34%), Discovery Inc. (34%), and Comcast NBCU (31%) last February.** 

More specifically, on ABC, shows like American Idol and America’s Funniest Home Videos saw over 50% of their audiences co-viewed with someone else during the month of February. Freeform also saw above 50% co-viewing during this time for the Saturday Movie and Big Screen Movie franchise. 

Leaning into Love Stories

It’s no surprise that over two-thirds (68%) of Disney viewers agree that Valentine’s Day is a good excuse to watch Rom-Coms. When looking across The Walt Disney Company network viewing in February 2021, we found that the movies The Proposal and Sweet Home Alabama were popular picks, while The Parent Trap on Freeform and Spiderman: Homecoming on FX were favorites on Valentine’s Day itself!

On Hulu specifically, last year’s top Valentine’s Day movie viewing included titles like 50 First Dates, The Wedding Planner, and You’ve Got Mail to name a few. It’s clear, with matters of the heart, romance knows no bounds when it comes to Disney’s Portfolio.

Valentine’s Day Ads are Appreciated 

Wondering how to treat your Valentine this year? We’ve found that Disney viewers are turning to advertisements for inspiration. 

Ads play a role in Disney viewers’ Valentine’s Day purchase decisions: 

  • 73% are favorable toward Valentine’s Day-related products/services ads 
  • 71% like Valentine’s Day ads that feel relevant 
  • 54% are more interested in Valentine’s Day-related products after seeing an ad 

Giving in to Sweet Temptations 

In addition to watching their favorite Rom-Coms, viewers like to indulge in sweet treats on Valentine’s Day. Disney viewers plan to enjoy red velvet cake, cookies, gummies, cannoli, and champagne to name a few.

However you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day, either alone, with friends or with a partner, we hope you spend the day surrounded with all the things you love and tune in for some great TV shows and movies. 

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